A Taiwanese exchange student accused of threatening to “shoot up” his Pennsylvania school had more than 1,600 rounds of ammo in his bedroom before police searched the home, authorities said.

An Tso Sun’s host mother loaded the ammunition and a handgun into a duffel bag and stashed it after learning a student reported the teen for making the alleged threat, according to Upper Darby police.

More than 660 rounds for the 9 mm pistol were found days after the first search at the Lansdowne home, Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood during a press conference Monday. Additionally, the bag contained 225 rounds for a 12-gauge weapon, 295 rounds for an AR-15 and 425 rounds for an AK-47, neither of which Sun is believed to have possessed.

“There’s no doubt in our mind that he was planning something,” Chitwood told reporters.

The 18-year-old Bonner & Prendergast Catholic High School student started buying the ammunition, as well as parts to build the 9 mm handgun, online after coming to the U.S. in August to study.

Chitwood expressed bewilderment that “a kid that’s not even an American citizen” could buy an excessive amount of ammunition.

“It’s mind boggling,” he said.

“Based on the totality of everything, we believe he was going to shoot up the school.”

Chitwood declined to elaborate on how the bag of ammo was found or if the host parent would face charges for hiding it.

Sun, the son of Taiwanese actors Sun Peng and Di Ying, was arrested March 27. Ying told Taiwanese broadcaster Sanlih E-Television her son was “making a joke” in a video that warned students to not come to Drexel Hill school on May 1.

During the first search at Sun’s home, police found a military-style ballistic vest and a high-powered crossbow with arrows in his bedroom.

Chitwood said the U.S. Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement has issued a detainer request on the teen, which asks the arrestee to be handed over for possible deportation. He was initially jailed with a $100,000 bond.


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On – 03 Apr, 2018 By Nicole Hensley

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