You could already draw all over the iPad with Apple Pencil, but how about crayon?

Logitech just announced a $49 alternative to Apple’s $80 Apple Pencil called Crayon, which lets you write and draw as you would with a pencil and paper. The digital pencil promises not to roll off the desk, and claims 8 hours of battery life, or basically a school day, before it needs to power up.

The accessory is part of Apple’s push to regain ground in school classrooms while also giving its iPad business some much-needed momentum. Apple hopes that its new iPad will help push Google’s lower-priced Chromebooks out of schools, which have become popular with teachers and students.

The Logitech Crayon digital pencil works with apps like Apple Pages, Numbers and Keynote, as well as Microsoft Office. You can take handwritten notes and doodle on illustrations and PDFs to your heart’s content.

We got a quick minute to play with the Logitech Crayon; it isn’t pressure sensitive, but you can use it on iPads that support Apple Pencil, not just the new 9.7-inch iPad with Pencil support that Apple launched with youngsters in mind. Think of it more like a responsive stylus with basic functions for kids rather than a nuanced tool for artists.

The Crayon charges through Apple’s proprietary Lightning cable, not through USB-C.

There’s also a $99 rugged case for kids

Logitech’s second accessory for the new, school-centered iPad is the Rugged Combo 2, a $99 rugged case.

It has a detachable keyboard that connects to the case with a proprietary connector, and a spill-resistant design.

The key caps are hard for little fingers to pry off, and Logitech promises that silent keys will help students focus. The case pairs with a click, and a pencil-holder will strap in Apple Pencil or the Logitech Crayon.

You’ll also find an adjustable kickstand and four configurations for using the device: typing mode, viewing mode, notebook mode and travel mode.

Both the Logitech Crayon and Rugged Combo 2 case go on sale in the U.S. this summer. School can buy them from Apple here. Sorry, they won’t be publicly on sale.

Article updated at 10:37am PT and 1:00pm PT: Added hands-on impressions and more details.

On – 27 Mar, 2018 By Jessica Dolcourt

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