Welcome to Laguerre Media, we hope you enjoy visiting our website.

What we are trying to do with our web presence is to work at helping the people of (mainly the children) Utica. In the past, we (David and Dawn Laguerre) have used our time trying to make a difference by serving on local Boards and volunteering our time with different organizations.


As you will notice he have a store as part of this site, currently we will be creating novelty T-shirts and sweatshirts with creative phrases that has local and national messages.   And also we would like to feature some shirts with artwork from local artist.


If anyone would lie to purchase a shirt as a donation to our kids, I have 13 students that spend 2 days a week afterschool learning how to code and solve problem thru computer science. 1 student is a youth XL size and the others are M and L sizes. This is my second class and they will be more classes over the course of the school year. So if you would like to order and donate a t shirt please use this address for delivery.    Computer Science Club   Albany Elementary School, 1151 Albany Street, Utica , NY, 13501




What we want to do with the proceeds from the sales is to create a scholarship fund to help local kids that can use a little help. In the fall of 2017, we sent our cousin off to college and as many know college is not cheap. Fortunately, with the help of 2 scholarships, one from the Community Foundation and another presented at Proctor High, and help from On Point for College relieved some of the burdens of books and other fees.

I am an Air Force veteran and currently work in the Utica School District, my wife is a former Educator from NYC, and we have seen firsthand the how a afterschool program can change a student’s self esteem and social skills.