Bachelor parties: who needs ’em?Apparently John Cena doesn’t. While gearing up for his big hosting gig at Nickelodeon’s 2018 Kids’ Choice Awards, Cena told E! News that he’s not interested in having one.

“No, I mean, why? Help me out. What is a bachelor party?” Cena asked E!’s Sibley Scoles. “Well, I’ve been to a bachelorette that I threw. Sorry to my sister,” Scoles replied.

The WWE super star seemed hard pressed to prove that having a bachelor party wasn’t something he deemed necessary.

“So give me the female version of what I’m supposed to do?” the Total Bellas star asked. “It was not good,” Scoles replied. “So it was not good. So I’m gonna skip it,” Cena revealed.

Cena added that he has a good circle of friends he keeps in contact with and that if he did celebrate, it would be with them.

On – 24 Mar, 2018 By Mona Khalifeh

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