How flat out awesome are military dogs? These pups — often the Malinois (or Belgian shepherd dog) — are regularly put to work by the United States military to sniff out odors of things like explosives, drugs, and fire accelerants. Just like our military heroes, they put their life on the line to keep us safe here at home.

With all the hard work these dogs do on a daily basis, why shouldn’t they get a little bit of pampering and protection as well?

In this video, we see Moira the Military Dog get a brand new pair of booties to protect her precious paws from the scorching hot sand in Iraq. The new shoes seem like a huge mystery to Moira at first, as she wakes up and prances around like some type of show pony. It’s pretty hilarious.

But Moira soon figures out her new kicks and starts running like the hard-working pup she is. She jumps around and plays with her human like she’s just got a brand new pair of Jordans.

The video is absolutely adorable, but it’s also a great reminder that it’s not just men and women overseas fighting for our freedom, but animals as well. Way to go, Moira!

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