Netflix is a well-known member based streaming service that offers a wide variety of programming from films, television shows and even original content. Although they pride themselves on their predictions of what consumers may or may not like based on their viewing preferences, they are often incorrect but that doesn’t stop them. Ahead we have a list given to us from Netflix about the 10 horror movies too scary to finish.

Although it is impossible to tell the reasons viewers are turning these movies off mid film, Netflix has taken upon themselves to rationalize. According to Forbes, when Netflix was asked how they decided which movies belonged on the list, they explained the 70% threshold reasoning, and that if members truly disliked a film they would turn it off well before that.

So here it is, the list (in no special order) that we are supposed to believe scares more people than any other Netflix horror. I have to say, personally this list makes no sense but let’s see what you think.

10. Cabin Fever (2016)

Cabin Fever 2016
This of course is the remake of the Eli Roth classic, and not a well loved one. It is about a group of friends who visit a cabin and end up with a disgusting flesh-eating disease. I find it misleading to claim this movie is too scary to finish but rather too gory. There are people out there who truly cannot handle this type of film based on how much it disgusts them. Of course, it could possibly scare a few but I doubt it should be on the too scary to finish list.

9. Carnage Park (2016)

Carnage Park 2016
This movie is a little different. It is more of a thriller based in the 1970s that involves a crime gone wrong. They try to escape and land themselves in Carnage park where they are not alone, and the area is inhabited with a psychotic ex-military sniper. I can see how some could find the scene for this movie slightly terrifying, but most reviews I read slammed the movie for the lack of creativity and poor acting by most cast members. There was a very positive vibe about the psychotic killer Wyatt Moss played by Pat Healy, where most people said he played the part rather well.

8. México Bárbaro

México Bárbaro 2014
This is actually a bunch of “short films” placed together to create one long film. 8 directors tried to bring us the truly terrifying stories from their cultures. While some reviewers found this movie incredibly too gory and others found it to be absolute garbage, somehow Netflix found this fitting for their list.

According to the reviews and what I have read based on this film, it is far more likely the boring story lines of some of the shorts, and the incredibly uncomfortable gore scenes caused people to turn this off rather than fear. I have personally never seen this film, so I cannot comment on that.

7. Piranha (2010)

Piranha 2010
This film is about teenagers who are partying in the lake when mild tremor’s form below unleashing flesh eating creatures that turn them into fish food. Most IMDB reviews bring attention to the amount of nudity and gore thrown throughout the picture, which does describe most “horror” films lately. Frankly, Jaws scared thousands, so the idea of an underwater creature could be terrifying to some, but I have assumptions there are other reasons people turned this movie off before the end.

6. Raw (2016)

Raw Movie 2016
Raw is a movie that people had to allegedly be carried out of screenings for – due to being so intense and over the top. It’s surprising it’s only 6th on the list.

5. Teeth (2007)

If any of you are aware of this movie you know exactly what is ahead, and if you are not, don’t be shy, step up and learn. Teeth is a comedic horror movie based on a story of a girl who has a mutated body and her lady area is housing some very sharp teeth, literally. She does go through some coming of age issues including boy troubles that end in what should be horrific times but turn out rather silly to MOST audiences. I could see this movie bothering some people enough to turn off the film, but in most cases, it was probably not out of fear.

4. The Conjuring (2013)

The Conjuring Patrick Wilson
This is probably the first movie on the list I can see scaring people well enough to turn off the film. It is based on the true tales from Ed and Lorraine Warren, and a family that is haunted by an evil presence that roams the land they recently purchased a house on. This movie is not gory and has very limited comedic breaks.

The movie was well filmed and directed and the screenplay leaves little to the imagination which is good for a psychological horror film. I cannot argue that there are people out there who would refuse to watch this film to its end, but that doesn’t mean it scares everyone. So, tread lightly when starting this film, if you are easy to scare you will be scared, if you are not, you won’t be – but still a film worth seeing.

3. The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence (2011)

The Human Centipede 2
I don’t even want to go there with this film. This movie was most likely not turned off out of fear but out of a what the crap did I just see on screen. At 70% through this film you are witnessing some of the most disgusting things you can imagine and that would be one heck of a reason to be done watching.

If you are not familiar with the sequel to The Human Centipede, I will give a short and not gruesome break down. This movie is about a man who is disturbed and fantasizes about the cult horror film The Human Centipede, and it inspires him to do things I will not write here. Of course, to some, gore can be horror, but this movie has little script and there is absolutely no character development or real fear placed throughout the film, it is mostly grotesque.

2. The Void (2016)

The Void 2016
As I have never seen this film, I am going based off the reviews I studied. It seems that this film has a very 80s horror feel and a very chilling experience. The story to the film is that a deputy finds an injured man and brings him to a hospital where shortly after people go insane and he needs to protect the survivors. While trying to be the savior he brings them to the basement where he finds even more evil. Some reviews said this movie didn’t think it all the way through others said that it was a great film and the effects were amazing. Where I cannot comment is if it should be on this list or not, but I know what I am watching tonight!

1. Jeruzalem (2016)

Jeruzalem Movie 2016
This is another film I have yet to see and based on the story alone, I probably won’t be watching it anytime soon. The premise to the movie is 2 young female friends meet a polite stranger on a plane ride and go with him to Jerusalem. They stay in a hostel and find themselves in deep water when the city is placed on a curfew because they are under attack by demons. After spending a short time on IMDB reading the reviews for this film, I got the sense people hated it and didn’t want others to see it, most reviews were a warning about not wasting your time. Horror is the genre, but it doesn’t seem they crashed through that barrier well at all.

With such a messed-up list of comedic to gory movies and very little that can be classified as a scary film to MOST people, it leaves me thinking if Netflix has messed up with their 70% threshold. They are not that great at knowing its viewers, just look at the Top Pics for You section on your screen, almost never stuff you want to see.

However, this list seems like people were either bored, grossed out, annoyed, or just didn’t want to finish rather than scared. Although, I could be very wrong, and let’s be honest, most people really would be terrified of a lady area with teeth.

What movies are you shocked about seeing on this list? What movies would you place on there instead? Be sure to tell us what you think in the comments!

On – 17 Mar, 2018 By Alexandria Riot

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