A Rikers Island inmate who pummeled a jail medical clinician, nearly killing him, was sentenced to 20 years in prison Tuesday.

Jonathan Hodgson, 38, blindsided medical worker Ralph Atlas in his office, breaking his nose, cheekbone, jaw and fracturing his eyesocket. The jail doc also lost five teeth and chipped nine others.

The attack forced Atlas, who suffers memory loss, to retire early. He doesn’t even recall the assault.

“They told me the patient snuck into my office and attacked me,” he told the Daily News in 2015. “I took one step and fell.”

Inmate Jonathan Hodgson was hit with 20 years in prison for the vicious attack.

At Hodgson’s sentencing, Atlas told the court that he still needs surgery and “life as I know it ended.”

“For the past almost three years I have been confined to home except legal and medical appointments,” he said.

“This time which should be the most pleasurable and rewarding has been severely limited and wracked with pain,” he added.

Ronald Atlas, a Rikers Island clinician, suffered facial injuries that forced him into retirement.

As for Hodgson, he was already serving 15 years for attempted murder. His 20 year sentence will run consecutively.

Atlas has filed a suit against the city Correction Department because he says they failed to install locks on this office door, which he claims would have prevented the attack. That case is still pending.

“It kind ruined my whole life,” Atlas said. “I had to retire. I didn’t plan on it. I’m wracked with pain. The guy really did a job.”

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