Just give the kids their Easter eggs. Seth Meyers ripped into President Trump for using the White House Easter egg hunt Monday as a platform to pan the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Trump plotted the immigration program’s end from his South Portico and boasted about the might of the U.S. military as thousands of kids below waited for him to start the festive lawn hunt.


President Donald Trump went off on why DACA may be coming to an end while a slew of kids were just waiting to get their Easter eggs.

After mulling Trump’s decision to shoot down multiple bipartisan compromises to save DACA, the “Late Night with Seth Meyers” host imagined what the kids sitting on the lawn were thinking as Trump rambled on. Perhaps the kids were wondering when he would give up the eggs, Meyers said.

The comic suggested even the bespectacled Easter Bunny — portrayed by Navy Commander Richard Lawlor — would be in disbelief at “what he’s watching.”

“What you’re saying makes absolutely no sense,” Meyers said. “Now shut up and give us our f—ing eggs!”

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On – 03 Apr, 2018 By Joseph Barracato

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